West Valley Climbing

Ben Nuttle @bennuttle

Ape Index Rock Climbing Gym - Peoria, AZ
9700 N 91st Ave

Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 12:30 AM - 2:30 AM

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Live over in the west valley? Save yourself some driving and come climb in Peoria over at Ape Index. The gym was recently renovated thanks to new ownership and everyone there has been quite friendly. You can check out the gym online at If you need to rent equipment, a day pass will cost you 25$. If you bring your own shoes/harness you can save a bit and it'll only cost you 20$. No prior experience necessary - the gym staff can teach you how to tie-in and belay properly. If it's your first visit you'll need to fill out a waiver and take their safety lesson or demonstrate proper belaying technique. You can fill out the waiver in-person or online beforehand here: No word yet on any discounts for meetup, but if we get a good cadence going with regular attendance I'll ask the owners and see what we can do. Look forward to meeting everyone and climbing with you - see you there!