Wednesday Acro class for beginners

Laura Pittoni @laurapittoni

Yoga Loft - Dublin
8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar,

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Hi guys, Next Wednesday I teach Acro and yoga for beginners students. No level of fitness required, just loads of curiosity and excitement!! We start with a 20 minutes yoga warm-up, followed by basic inversions exercises like head stand and really fun acro tricks for beginners. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is Acro you ask? Acro is fun exercise: it's acrobatics, it's pure balance using hands, feet, and all the rest of your body... And no other equipment - just bodyweight! You might be thinking: "Oh no! I could never do that! I'm too heavy, I'm too small, I'm not flexible, I'm weak, I'm too old! " Well... Rethink that! I used to think exactly the same too, but I was also so curious to try it. I did, and it has absolutely changed my life! It's great craic, great strength and core exercise, and a great way to get to know your body and it's capabilities a bit better. Why should I give it a try and what does Acro do to me? It will make you realise how strong you naturally are! You'll be able to hold people on your feet and make them fly... Literally! Well, not literally, but you'll see what I mean... It will make you stronger with your legs, arms and abs! It will help you to conquer the fear of being held upside down and it will improve your balance! But most importantly... It will bring you self-confidence. You'll be always surrounded by people and it will teach you how to be a great team player who is able to listen, empathise and give direction in order to achieve the best performance! You'll make new friends, you'll laugh a lot! And it will open new doors... Maybe the circus next?? Come to my ACRO & YOGA Beginners class! You won't regret it :) Pm acrowithlaura@gmail.com to secure your place (there are only 10 places and they go fast). 1 hour and half of pure fun and discovery for only €15. (Bring a bottle of water and a towel.) Laura Pittoni