Waterfall Hiking Series

Kimberly Walker @kimberlywalker

Cummins Falls State Park - Cookeville, TN
390 Cummins Falls Lane

Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Discover the beauty and diversity of some of Tennessee’s most majestic waterfalls. The best time to view Tennessee’s waterfalls is during the spring when spring rain showers produce picturesque cascades. For Part 3 of the Waterfall Hiking Series, we will be visiting Cummins Falls State Park. This park offers an Incredible hike just one and a half hours from Nashville and Tennessee's eighth largest waterfall in volume. We will hike to the base of Cummins Falls which involves hiking a short trail downhill to a river stream. We will follow the river stream, skirting the banks of the river. At some point, we must cross the river and traverse boulders. We will spend time at the base of the falls which offer a cool pool and a great backdrop for pictures. We will then hike back to the car in the same path. So the trail up from the river will be a steep climb. This hike is considered strenuous due to elevation changes, water crossing, and slippery surfaces in 3 miles. The hike is limited to 15 people to due to the difficulty in showing equal attention to a great number of participants on a hike of this sort. SAFETY INFORMATION from TN State Park: “While very beautiful, this is a rugged area and there are inherent hazards. To make your visit to our park as safe and enjoyable as possible, know the risks. Use good judgment and common sense when deciding whether you should hike down to the waterfall or view it from above, at the overlook. If you decide to hike to the bottom of the waterfall please use caution.” We will do a caravan to the park. Meeting place: Waffle House 707 Stewart’s Ferry Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37214 Meeting time: 8am What to bring: -Wear sturdy closed toe shoes with good thread or water shoes. (We personally don’t wear water shoes so we can have extra support of sole on tennis shoes.) -Extra set of clothes/shoes as we will definitely get wet -towels -small backpack to carry items -packed lunch (this will be a full day of adventure)