Understanding Personal Relationships by the "Attachment Theory"

Nóra Laczkó @noralaczko

WeWork - Berlin
Kemperpl. 1

Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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As for the big interest, we are organizing for the 4th time our workshop about Attachment Styles :) TOPIC: Have you ever asked yourself why you act the way you do in relationships? Are you completely secure, or anxious for no reason? The way in which you behave in terms of attachment can have a significant impact on how successful your relationship will be. Perhaps you have never stopped to think about what your attachment style is, and if so this could be quite enlightening. Life partnerships are likely to work when you understand the attachment theory. A short video for a slight insight :) https://youtu.be/23ePqRkOKtg IMPORTANT FOR ATTENDANCE: As the topic is about attachment styles, we would like to ask you all to take the test before the event and send your attachment style category with your name to the email address of laczkonora08@gmail.com (if you are a wave, anchor or an island). This will be essential for the workshop during the meetup. Test: https://www.meetrobin.io/test/relationship-attachment-styles-quiz/ PLACE: WeWork Sony Center Potsdamer Platz - Kemperplatz 1 Berlin 10785 Check in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk, as a guest of Julia Maurath, when you arrive at WeWork for your Meetup. Please, bring a photo ID and scan it at the guest registration tablets at the front desk when they arrive at WeWork for your Meetup event.