Tuesday night Pickleball under the lights


Fritz Burns Park - La Quinta
78107 Avenue 52

Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 1:30 AM - 4:30 AM

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No Host night time meetup. The courts are well lighted. No sun in your eyes! You can come any time after 6:30 PM, and stay for as long as you like. We meet on the west courts by the stands. Beginners welcome, bring your paddle! We need four on these meetups, to play a decent game or even practice. If you are not sure you will attend, thats fine, you can sign up last minute. If you are fairly certain you will attend, please rsvp so those going can be sure of having people to play with. And be sure to cancel if you cant go. I will be there some of the time! If I am there I will be wearing my lavender visor. I will put a note in comments if I am going or not. Evenings are far less crowded than mornings! Very enjoyable playing at night. Fitz Burns park is located at the corner of Ave 52 and Avenida Bermudas. This is now a repeating Tuesday night meetup. At least, for now! See you on the courts!