Thursday Night Casual Volleyball

Mary Sorensen @marysorensen

Northwest Rec Center - Salt Lake City, UT
1300 W 300 N

Fri, May 3, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Thursday night drop-in volleyball. Northwest has a standing invitation for anyone to come play on Thursday. This night is for those who would like a relaxed game where beginners can feel comfortable and included. More experienced players are always welcome, but we would ask that you keep your super powers reigned in a bit if you play with us. If you have played with other groups and are tired of the bruises from the ball coming toward you at the speed of light, then come play with us, we won't hit it that hard. We play with relaxed rules - as long as the ball is in the air, it can stay in play (no three hit penalty), if you need to move up a few steps to serve, that's fine too. We do keep score and remix the teams after 25 points to start the next set. We need at least 8 people to have a good 4 on 4 game, so please sign up if you are coming and please remove your rsvp if you are not coming. If less than 8 are signed up, we will probably list the meetup as cancelled. Of course, you can still show up if you like, it is possible others may show up to the drop-in night who are not on Meetup. The organizers may not be at all the events. If we are not showing in the rsvp list, you are welcome to play without us. The front desk attendant will help you get the net out. Please take the net down when you hear the five minute warning before 9:00pm closing time. We trust that everyone will help each other to make this a fun group. Thanks!