Tai Chi class at COPE (Community Outreach Prevention & Education)

Matthew Stephen @matthewmatustephen

Community Outreach And Prevention (COAP) Network Building - Kalamazoo, MI
2705 Virginia Avenue

Sat, May 11, 2019 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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• What we'll do: Easy Tai Chi (beginner-friendly) and Meridians Qigong~ learn simple breathing techniques, stretches, meditation and self massage techniques (acupressure points and channels of the body) in addition to the Qigong movements and a basic Tai Chi form (5 and 9 movement forms). Building harmony within, you can then bring that balance and peace to all in your everyday life, wherever you are. • What to bring: Loose, comfortable clothing and an open mind. :^) Shoes can be worn (such as tennis shoes/flats) or removed; students can just wear socks, slippers, or practice barefoot. • Important to know: Donations will be on a sliding scale (open to $1-15 free will offering; $5-10 suggested). Give what you can. This class is ages 18+, and all skill levels (first-timers welcome) *This space is up and running with the intention of building connections within the community through the arts- movement arts, meditative arts, musical and much more! For more information please visit the Community Outreach Prevention & Education network website at: