Sunday Electric Instrument Music Improvisation Jam @ MISSION BREWERY


Mission Brewery - San Diego, CA
1441 L St.

Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM

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OUR SONGS ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF6FtgD6uzgAI935zmsrxljySHCKG6gab This is a music improvisation jam, meaning we don't use music tab sheets, tunebooks, or play other people's music. Our goal is to create something unique, combining our individual skills and contributions into a piece of music that is nothing short of magic! Have you ever played music with people and at some point, you seem to "sync" with each other and the results are amazing? That's what we try to do from scratch...every week! We often surprise ourselves with what we come up with. SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Someone will usually start us off by "noodling" something; a riff, a beat, a chord progression. Others will start joining in, adding rhythm support, harmonic additions, etc. Eventually, lead melodies and solo lines emerge. The key is to listen to each other and add your piece. It's a group effort, so it's important to introduce just enough volume to add to a song and to not overpower everyone else. Please take a turn playing a solo if you feel the juice, but remember to give others the opportunity to do the same. Also, we don't usually play established songs; but we have, on rare occasion, borrowed recognizable riffs and song pieces to enhance our own music and style. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC/STYLE DO YOU PLAY? Whatever. No, really! The music tends to write itself and we've played everything from spacey/meditative style to jazzy/bossa nova/blues to hard rock. We don't intentionally play any sort of style. Things just...happen. See the YouTube links below for some examples. WHAT INSTRUMENTS ARE ALLOWED? This jam focuses on electric instruments (guitars, keyboards, etc.) and allows players to experiment with effect pedals or special settings. Acoustic instruments are also welcome, but should have a pickup and be amped in order to successfully compete with the electric instruments (unless they can be heard on their own; like trumpets, saxes, percussion instruments). We've had electric violins, electric mandolins, electric ukuleles... While we will often bring more than one instrument and share them with others, everyone is responsible to bring their own instruments and support equipment, like extension cords, cables, amp, etc. WHAT'S THIS I HEAR ABOUT HATS? Hats are very important to us; they help us to recognize our members! We like to encourage everyone to wear some sort of headwear. We've had people wear top hats, gnome caps, straw hats, stuffed animal hats, and even plain ol' baseball caps. Just have fun with it! If you prefer an acoustic version of this jam, please look for acoustic jams listed in Earth Jam 5000. Currently, our acoustic instrument music improvisation jam is on Monday nights at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion. IS THERE A COST? This jam is free, however we do accept small donations from anyone who feels so inclined to offset the cost of keeping this group online. We would like to encourage players to buy something from the brewery to show our support and thanks to them. By giving them some revenue and by not breaking (or messing with) their stuff, we hope to keep the partnership going for as long as possible. EXAMPLES OF SONGS WE MADE UP AS WE PLAYED: "Cat's Eye": https://youtu.be/nAUN2X0y6-Q "Mamba Jamba No. 1": https://youtu.be/cNAyQbBchj0 "Pre-Jam Warm Up Noodling": https://youtu.be/90aH9b9lMzY "Castaway Echoes": https://youtu.be/C1BXusN4Q2M "Spanish Divination": https://youtu.be/6tJCP3LNr88 "Tibetan Journeys": https://youtu.be/hf4cdStUb6g