Sunday Buddhist Service - KC Buddhist Center

Ronn McLane @ronnmclane

Pilgrim Chapel - Kansas City, MO
3801 Gillham Rd

Sun, May 19, 2019 at 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

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Join Rev. Ronn Pawo McLane as he leads us through a weekly service that includes teaching, meditation as well as some lively social time with coffee, snacks and good conversation. We study and practice "Buddhayana". Buddhayana is a term for an authentic, progressive, tolerant, and inclusive Buddhism. Buddhayana calls upon the wisdom from all the traditions in a syncretic way, but without sacrificing the authenticity of the Dharma. It provides us the means by which we may adapt these ancient concepts into our modern world in the most practical sense. We seek to experientially explore those teachings that we can, as individuals, deem to be undeniably right, wise, complete, and true not because we are told so but because through our own investigation have found them to be of benefit not only to ourselves but to all other beings without exception. We seek to do no harm in our practice and we seek to benefit all beings everywhere. There is no experience, special outfits or equipment required. Simply show up with an open mind in which you may explore what makes sense to you.