Summer Fun Dating Academy

Rita Jackson @ritajackson

600 W Goodale St - Columbus, OH
600 W Goodale St

Mon, May 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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The Memorial Day event is scheduled, and it's time to RSVP, now. Here's your chance to show off your cooking skills and food artistry! You can bring 1 or more covered dishes to share (for 8 or more people) and BYOB/Pop/Bottle water, also! Question: Will your dish need a serving utensil? If so, remember to bring one! I will provide napkins, cups, and disposable eating utensils. Ready to attract your Mr. Right/Ms. Right? Yes? Come on out to the Summer Dating Academy! Test the waters of the dating pool, once a month, as you learn to practice purposeful dating. Social Group Dating is perfect for singles of all ages, and especially for busy professionals, baby boomers, and anyone that's been out of the dating loop for a while! Whether you are returning to the dating field after being in a committed relationship for years, or never been able to have a sustaining relationship with anyone, due to them ghosting, cheating, or dumping you, or you just want to get out of your lonely apartment or home for social companionship and group conversations (without the pressure of "having to be" in a relationship) this is what you're looking for: A professional group of single individuals that just want to have fun and be accepted as they are, baggage and all! Interested in getting married anytime soon, and having a child before your biological clock runs out? Welcome to the group! I will bring a sound system, so bring your playlist and aux phone cord, and/or CDs, to dance or just listen. We are positioned to have a great Memorial Day social! A chip in / venue cover / "love " donation of $25 (or more if you choose) will be collected at the door. I look forward to meeting you at the social!