Summer Beach BBQ/Picnic


Alum Chine Beach - Bournemouth
W Undercliff Promenade

Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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DATE DEPENDENT ON WEATHER!!! It time to celebrate what will hopefully be a warm sunny weekend with a trip to the seaside for an evening BBQ & picnic on Alum Chine Beach to the west of Bournemouth. BBQs are permitted at any time after 6pm so the plan is to start the event at that time, but it is optional if you want to come earlier and make a longer day of it (more on that below). For the BBQ, we can bring the disposable ones, but if anyone has a proper BBQ that they can bring, please put a message up and tell us what you have. As usual bring something to cook, along with some salad, nibbles, or a dessert, oh, and something to drink too! As per usual with Meetup, we’ll probably end up with far too much food and spend the rest of the weekend eating the leftovers. :-) We can stay as late as we like. If anyone has a small fire pit they could beg, borrow or steal, that would be awesome...these are popular on the beaches for evening gatherings after dark and are permitted. We also need some beach windbreaks to go round the BBQs. Do you have any? If anyone has any games for the beach, please bring them. Frisbee? Badminton? Boule? Volleyball? Beach Rounders? Don’t forget to bring a chair of some description, a rug or picnic blanket, oh, and maybe a towel just in case you end up in the sea for some reason. A torch would be a good idea too. Toilets For those concerned about practical matters, toilets are available at Alum Chine through to 11pm. Oh, and they’re cleaned 3 times a day. Well done Bournemouth. :-) Travel It’s a fair distance to come so please try and car share and offer to chip-in with the cost of fuel. That will make it much cheaper for the drivers. The traffic will be busy during the day and parking difficult until later, so allow plenty of time and make sure at least one person in the car is competent with a satnav or can use a map. I’m not driving round Bournemouth looking for you! Parking Parking is available at Alum Chine Car Park right by the beach. Further parking is available at Branksome Dene Chine or Durley Chine along the beach and also along West Cliff Road. All are within walking distance of Alum Chine beach and all are open 24/7, but please note parking is not free and will be busy until the evening in good weather. Again, allow enough time. It’s a fair distance to come and you want more time? Me too....I have a general plan to arrive much earlier and make a day of it, probably combining a long walk along the beach with a swim and a top-up of sun burn for that authentic British feel. If anyone else wants to do similar, please post a message to let others know and plans can be made. NOTE: This event is a combined event with Phoenix Meetup. >>>>>>>UPDATE<<<<<<<<< Jan and I are travelling down together and Gordon, Graham and Sandra are travelling down together too. I hope a few more will car share. Just put a message up if you are happy to offer a lift (thanks Debra!). I have a general plan to leave mid morning and stop off for a light lunch on the way down, possibly in one of the pubs in Lyndhurst (New Forest). This avoids the trouble of trying to get served in busy Bournemouth. General idea is to park in Alum Chine area leaving all BBQ stuff in the car (Jan and I think storing the meat frozen in a cool box will be okay all afternoon) and then go for a leisurely walk towards Sandbanks, probably walking in the surf on the way out and on the promenade on the return. The complete distance is about 5 miles, but I plan to go for a swim too, so probably won't go that far. I'd like to be back at the chine for around 5pm, hopefully to get the car moved right into the chine car park and unload the BBQ stuff. Perhaps then play some games or go back in the sea until 6pm when we can start the BBQ (beach rules). (more below in a comment because I've run out of characters!!)