South Philly Bakery Hike + 7 miles

Sidney G @sidneyg

Black & Brew - Philadelphia, PA
1523 East Passyunk Ave

Sun, May 19, 2019 at 1:45 PM - 4:45 PM

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2.5-4 hours, 5-12 miles, approximately 12 bakeries in south philly, 2+ hours. Afterwards we do another 2 hour, 7 mile neighborhood hike going some cool places like Forgotten Bottom and Devils Pocket. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to find parking. Plan to arrive early at Black & Brew; if open, they have great coffee and food. Please CLICK HERE ( before rsvping. Each Mother's Day we do our South Philly Bakery Hike where we visit at least 12 bakeries in the South Philly area. Most are Italian bakeries like Isgro's, Sarcone, Termini, and Varallo Bros. Most have pastries while others like Cacia and Sarcone's have mostly bread products. The Pope visited Isgro's when he was in Philadelphia several years ago. It's rated as one of the best bakeries in Philly. I concur. The Bakery walk takes 2 plus hours. The neighborhood walk takes slightly less than 2 hours. Caution: You should be able to walk 3-4 hours without much of a break. You should have recently hiked 5 miles in conditions detailed above. To carpool from Hill House (201 W Evergreen Ave, Phila) meet 1.5 hours before the event. Carpool time changes if hike time changes. Each carpooler chips in $4 at the start. Email me ( 3-4 days in advance and receive a reply.