Solar & Energy Efficiency Meetup

Michael Miller @michaelmiller1

3453 N PanAm Expy - San Antonio, TX
3453 N PanAm Expy

Tue, Aug 6, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Learn about solar & energy efficiency products for your home/business. Join our affiliate program to earn money, learn new skills and make new friends in the solar industry. The solar market is expanding rapidly, and no one else can match our wide variety of energy efficiency options. Put your networking skills to use before the 30% tax rebates expire. Do it for the money and do it for the environment, but whatever you decide, the cost of doing nothing is too expensive! Our group is focused on teaching and discussing the features and benefits of Solar power, energy efficient HVAC, heat pumps, windows, insulation, radiant barriers, LED lights, Smart thermostats, hybrid water heaters, solar window film, and others. Meetings begin with a brief intro and announcements followed by a 20 minute educational presentation. The rest of the time is open brain-storming ideas and asking questions. Our location is inside the second of four buildings, in an industrial park. Look for suite 207. NOTE: Our location does not have a big overhead sign. Please refer to the image posted at the top of this event, this is the actual front door. This Meetup is sponsored by Circle-L-Solar, a full service Solar and Energy Efficiency company founded in 2004. Q: Why did we start this group? A: Installing solar panels and efficiency products can be complicated and difficult. It's also hard to get a good job in the solar industry, but the best place to start with either of those two pursuits, whether personal or professional, is our group of experts who teach what to do and what not to do. We will help you avoid costly mistakes, pitfalls and common scams. We welcome everyone! Our discussions cover a wide variety of scenarios and we encourage each other to stay motivated and hit our personal and financial goals. Join our group and become an expert with the help of like-minded people. Don't be a "solo solar pro" because it's much easier to make money when you have a strong support network.