SOFTBALL with Mustang and Miggz -Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Miguel Mejia @miguelmejia

Near 41-54 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 9:30 PM - 11:45 PM

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***FIELD #2: WE START 5:30PM UNTIL QLSA PERMIT AT 8PM. Out of a courtesy to the QLSA COMMISSIONER (Richie Ritchard) we STOP at 7:45pm SHARP. FIELD #2*** ************************ WELCOME TO MUSTANG AND MIGGIE'S TUESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHT COED SOFTBALL -If you've ever played with Gio, Shoeless, Spider, or AMC before, this is a similar Meetup. COED, COOL, FRIENDLY, SOCIAL, and FUN. NO-ATTITUDE! If you love to play softball, join us and have fun. FUN and SOCIAL are the priority over winning. ************************ RULES FOR THE GREATER GOOD: PERMIT FEE: $3 per person PLEASE USE VENMO: @Mustang17 (Saves time!) *UPON ARRIVAL TO FIELD #2, SIGN THE LIST and pay your $3 fee. The FIRST 22 play the FIRST GAME. Those that sign in after 22 will wait for the next game. No +1's allowed; just sign in. NO SLIDING. ZERO. If you slide, you will be OUT and possibly be removed from this Meetup. There recently was an injury as a result of an inappropriate and overly aggressive slide. NO SLIDING. WHO MAY ATTEND: Only friendly, easy-going, social and considerate people allowed with no attitude. Winning is not as important as the social aspects of this Meetup. No aggression towards others is allowed. KEEP IT MOVING! This is a WEEKDAY Meetup and the fields are BUSY! Permit times are tight, and we need to keep things moving along for 2 solid games. Know who's AT BAT NEXT, and who is UMPIRING! OUR TIME IS PRECIOUS! UMPIRE: We use an UMPIRE and a 1-1 count. This helps things move along at a pace for 2 games. THERE IS NO ARGUING WITH THE UMPIRE. We appreciate our volunteer UMP's and the least we can do is respect their call. No arguing with the UMP - their call is FINAL. HONOR YOUR RSVP (NO PLUS 1's) : It helps others make better decisions whether to attend or not. Remember: “3 strikes, and you're out” CANCELLATIONS: It's OK to cancel your RSVP at the last minute, but PLEASE HONOR your RSVP! We will institute a “3 strikes, you're out” policy. CAPACITY MAX OF 24: This is for the greater good of the "whole" membership. SKILL LEVEL: DOES NOT MATTER! Come experience and play! WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a glove. Bats and extra clinchers are always welcome. I'll bring the bases. WAITLISTED? -Those on the waitlist should NOT expect to play, but welcome to come at their OWN RISK: We usually have enough time to organize a 3rd team with wait-lister's, but no guarantees. MINIMUM: 16 Players Needed to have this Meetup *YOU MUST HONOR YOUR RSVP: It helps others make better decisions whether to attend or not. It's considerate of others and for the greater good of the Meetup.* ************************** DETAILS: -PERMIT IN HAND FOR QUEENSBRIDGE PARK, *FIELD #2* -SEASON/PERMIT IS FROM 2 April through 29 August 2019 -TUESDAY -AND- THURSDAY NIGHTS 5:45PM-7:45PM, *FIELD #2* -PERMIT FEE: $3 per person -WHEN ALL PERMIT/MEETUP/GAME BALL FEES are paid, this Meetup will be FREE. *************************** ALL COMMUNICATIONS/ANNOUNCEMENTS WILL BE MADE HERE ON MEETUP; not FB or anywhere else. We are committed to providing you with GOOD INFORMATION so you can make an informed decision. We'll check the weather and fields as needed for YOU. ***MEETUP IS OUR PLATFORM FOR 100% COMMUNICATION. ALWAYS COME HERE FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION.***