SFCC Film Festival--"The Motorcycle Diaries" at the Garland

Aaron Spickelmire @aaronspickelmire

Garland Theater - Spokane
924 W Garland Ave

Wed, May 15, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 4:30 AM

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**This is not an official Meetup, it's the annual SFCC film series I wanted to bring to everyone's attention. There will be no formal get-togethers before or after the show.** Hello, film lovers! Aaron Spickelmire, assistant organizer, contacting you about the 2019 SFCC International Film Festival. It begins Tuesday, April 16, and runs for five consecutive weeks, ending on May 14. There are five films total, each presented by a different student group or organization at SFCC. The fifth (and final) film on May 14 is THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES. Here are the details: The Motorcycle Diaries | Argentina | 2004 Riding an old 1939 battered motorcycle, Che Guevara and his friend Ernesto travel on a four month 8,000 km trip from Argentina to Peru. The film is an epic road movie with everything you’d want from such a film: laughs, kicks, adventures, pathos, poetry and natural beauty. The Motorcycle Diaries captures, with startling clarity and delicacy, Che’s youthful idealism and the gradual turning of his passion toward an unspecified form of radical commitment. Che Guevera is sadly best known today as a mysterious icon of guerilla warfare, a killer in a beret who became a Cuban revolutionist before being captured and executed by the U.S. CIA. Rated R Runtime: 126 min Language(s): Spanish, Quechua, Mapudungun Genre(s): Adventure, Biography, Drama Sponsor: Spanish Club There is a general admission fee of $5 per person, but if you are an SFCC student or employee entry is free (with college ID). I hope anyone who is able to attend enjoys the film, and welcomes the opportunity to support this local film series.