SEO for your business - Gain Customers from Google Search Results

Scott Finney @scottfinney

Levee Coffee & Creamery - Memphis, TN
584 Tillman St #1

Thu, May 9, 2019 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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SEO for your business. How can Search Engine Optimization help your business? Drop The Strap Marketing helps businesses harness the power of Google Search results. Learn More: Your current customers and future customers are seeing you online. Are they finding the story you would like them to find? At this meetup up we look at how your customers are using search results to navigate their decision making. It is your responsibility to provide these customers valuable content online. If you aren't your competition is. The SEO world is HUGE. Where should you even start? 1) Start by looking at your brand search. What do people see in google results when someone searches for you by name. ex. Search for "Drop The Strap Marketing" I want to make sure you see my home page. I want you to see how to connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook. Take a look, how am I doing on that? 2) Where do you show up for your target product/service search term? This depends on a number of factors. In short, Google needs enough online information or evidence to direct people to you. ex. Search for "Memphis SEO" about a year ago I did some keyword research. "Memphis SEO" was the search term I targeted at the time. Now head over to Google and search for "Memphis SEO". Take note of where appears in the search results. Click on the link in the search results. look at the content on the page. What do you see? What words are big? What words are small? what words are links? Join us art the Memphis SEO Meetup. We will dive into Google search results and how you can beat the your competition. As a thank you for reading this much, Here is a gift to you. I'll give you a taste of how I can help you gain customers through Google Search. All I need is the URL you want to rank on page 1 and the search term. Request your free report here You will be amazed at the results if you trust my process and take the suggested actions. Need another example? Search "knoxville seo" in google. Where do you find Drop The Strap? It should be on the first page. Click the link and explore the content on this page. Something to note, I have this ranking due to on page content alone. No Back links to the page. I published a page optimized for the search term and popped up to the 1st page of Google. I can do this for you! Contact me today to get started, or wait till the next meetup.