Second Go-Round


Kaiah Dog Park - Portland, TX
1001 Moore Ave

Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Hello everyone! I figured this weekend would not be a good time for most of us due to the holidays, so we've set the next meet to be Saturday the 27th, from 6-8pm, coming and going any time. We'll be there from at least 6-7 and maybe longer depending on the number of people. For now, we're changing it to Saturday evening (right before sunset b/c of the heat) to accommodate those who attend church. The times are all experimental till we discover what works best for most members. This time, we'll meet at Kaiah Dog Park in Portland. For those who haven't been there, it's very spacious, well-kept and usually has several people there most days of the week. Thank you to those who came to our first meeting downtown! Looking forward to meeting more members/pups soon! Also, I think it'd be fun for those interested to post photos of our dogs in the group galley, our dog needs company! Cheers!