Saturday Night Talk Series (May-June): To Be Free of the Tyranny of the Past

VJ Fedorschak @vjfedorschak

Vigraha Gallery - Prescott, AZ
115 E. Goodwin St. (downtown between the library and post office)

Sun, May 12, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 3:30 AM

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May 11: “The Tyranny of the Past: To Be Free of Personal History.” We may sense that we are limited by the attitudes we developed and the ways we coped with circumstances we could not understand or control in early life. But we can learn new ways to overcome obstacles and open up to our innate freedom. Angelon Young, author of As It Is, Under the Punnai Tree, The Baul Tradition, and On the Road to Enlightened Duality (e-book) will give this talk. The Saturday Night Talk Series, now in its ninth year, has the aim of offering presentations that can be of benefit to others on the spiritual path. Talks run for two-months on, two-months off and are given at at Vigraha Gallery, 115 E. Goodwin St., (between the library and the post office) in downtown Prescott. They begin at 7:00 p.m. and a $5 donation is requested. Here is the list of upcoming presentations: May 18: “Balancing Attention in the Inner and Outer World.” If we wish to pursue a transformational path, there is a need to bring conscious attention to both the external environment and to our internal experience through self-observation without judgment. Thomas Bormann leads workshops in Europe and will bring a perspective from outside of American culture that can be useful to consider. May 25: “No Hidden Meanings: The Wisdom of Relating to Life-As-It-Is.” It sometimes feels that we are in breathless pursuit of whatever we think will be the remedy for our lack of satisfaction in life. In reality, the ability to surrender to the present moment—whatever it may hold—brings the fulfillment we seek. Karuna Fedorschak, author of Parenting: A Sacred Task and singer in the musical duo “Small Change” will speak about the possibility of developing true wisdom. June 1 Walking the Path: Spiritual Process and the Gurdjieff Work June 8 The Value of Developing Unconditional Regard and Affection for Others June 15 Confirmation Bias: Working with the Tendency to Look for Validation of Our Worldview June 22 Crushed by Love: An Unreasonable Destiny June 29 An Evening of Chanting to Open the Heart Previous talks in this series: May 4. “The Aspiration to Serve Something Greater Than Ourselves: Bodhisattva Practice in Everyday Life.” Hope to see you at one of the upcoming talks… Best regards, VJ Fedorschak