Sail GP match race cheering party aboard Cetacea on Sunday, May 5!


South Beach Harbor - San Francisco
40 Pier

Sun, May 5, 2019 at 4:15 PM - 11:00 PM

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The 42' SV cutter Cetacea invites crew aboard Cetacea to cheer the USA Sail GP team aboard their 50' hydrofoiling cats in their first hometown race!!! This GP F50 class international competition is the First for Team USA, and we'll be cheering them along the race course in front of the photogenic Gate and Crissy Field! Warm-ups to final race are between ~11 and ~2pm,and we'll be up close with the best seat in SF! These hydrofoiling cats have reached 53 knots, depending upon winds. Check out the SF race overview with 6 international race teams competing in 5 countries: Come cheer the racers! This is a free event and we'll cheer on the boat, with crew food and drink sharing, while motoring along the edge of the race course. We'll probably see extraordinary aerobatics as they catapult themselves out of the water in similar manner to this absolutely spectacular roll on a larger foiling cat at the America's Cup in the same location: This is a very special international event, most land tickets are sold out, the Gate will be lined with spectators, and Sunday is the match round in front of thousands from around the world! Priority for previous Cetacea crew, with space for newbies that can help us cheer on Team USA! Go Team, Go! Although I sometimes invite male friends to join us, there have been too many negative past experiences with male invitees to take chances inviting unknown males from anywhere for crew; and so, with the encouragement of my GF, I generally sail with only female meetup crew and friends. Sorry guys. Please join the waitlist and note that it does not have an ordered prioritization. Please note your page may indicate the event is full- this is a meetup platform quirk and the waitlist is open until Wednesday, May 1, for 6+ crew/observers. Please be sure to respond asap to my email to your meetup registered email address or you'll be cast adrift in the "Not Going" landlubber zone of washed-up sailing regrets, har har