Sacred Artful Intuitive Painting Circle of Women


Artful Dreamers Studio - Tacoma
2926 S Steele St

Tue, May 7, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:30 AM

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• What we'll do "Sacred Artful Intuitive Painting Circle of Women" Tap into the healing power of Intuitive Painting. No experience needed. We are all beginners Mondays 6-8:30pm 4 session commitment This is a 4 session class. Mondays: May 6, 20, June 3 & 17 2019 $100 ALL Supplies included 8 spots available *****BEFORE SAYING YES******* REGISTER @ We will gather in circle and paint from the inside out! Do you desire to: Connect to your own creative natural juiciness? Give yourself the gift to create from your sacred soul? Grow and bloom in a circle of love that supports and inspires you with open hearted women? Become part of a trusted community of women who want to share & connect through art? Would you find joy in: Being in a sacred circle where there is non-judgment? A group that can assist in your exploration of deep soul diving? Strengthen courage in overcoming fear and embracing a new way of being? An Intuitive Painting circle is a time to be fully immersed in a process designed to help you become aware and listen to your innate wisdom. Explore and express an inner voice not often heard. You know it… it is the aliveness, the spark, the vital self desiring nourishment, safety & encouragement to come forward. We paint in silence to deepen the experience. Just show up, be present and paint from the heart. As you experiment, you will be supported on your journey to wholeness as new facets of wonderful you are revealed. We are cheerleaders for each other. Do you want to be seen and heard and listened to? Join us. Artful Dreamers Studio changed my life! I was stuck in so many areas of my life and Nadine's process painting helped me immensely . I started my journey almost 15 months ago and my life has shifted dramatically in only the most positive ways. Artful Dreamers is the safest most supportive place for self-exploration and deep healing. It is a place where you have permission to meet yourself wherever you are....with full permission to let go! Be messy, be wild, creative, funny, sad, afraid, whatever it is - it's okay to FEEL! I've made life-long friends at Artful Dreamers and when I walk through those doors, I feel like I've come home. Thank you, Nadine for this beautiful offering! *** I believe creative expression is fundamental to a healthy joy filled world. Releasing and letting go through creative art is and always has been very valuable to me and I want to share that with others. Exploring Intuitive Painting has been a powerful and profound work for my personal growth and has led me to open Artful Dreamers Studio. My passion is to offer a sacred space for people to sparkle with the magic of Intuitive Painting... to discover for themselves the tool of creative art as a pathway for self discovery, self expression and a guide to listen to the intuition. *** “The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re week and sing with us when we are strong”. – Sark All supplies included