Remote Phonebank for Len Myers

Elizabeth Warren@elizabethwarren


Sat, Oct 19th - Wed, Oct 30th, 2019

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A son of Virginia, Len Myers believes in public service for the benefit of our great Commonwealth. As you read Len’s biography, you will quickly discover that he is passionate about three things: (1) inspiring our youth to reach their full potential, (2) creating opportunities for everyone to succeed, and (3) protecting the most vulnerable in our community. God, Family and Our Community: Nothing means more to Len than his relationship with God and his two adorable kids. Len has almost 20 years of continuous membership and service with Calvary Revival Church. No matter what Len finds himself doing, being a daddy remains his #1 priority. Len also wants to be a force for good in the lives of kids living in single-parent households. He has served as a long-time board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia. Len has also served as a mentor to young men through a mentorship ministry at his church. Without mentors and positive role models, many kids today find it difficult to maintain a pathway to becoming responsible and productive citizens. Len wants to continue empowering as many kids as possible to make healthy decisions for healthy lives through proper resources and helping hands. A Leader in Virginia Law: Len currently serves on the Virginia State Bar Council, which recommends improvements in the practice of law to the Supreme Court of Virginia. He also served as president of the South Hampton Roads Bar Association. Under his leadership, the bar was recognized as the best local bar association in the state by the Virginia Council of Local Bar Associations due to its extraordinary amount of work with the youth and senior citizens in our community. Len began his legal career as a prosecutor but now fights for clients as a successful consumer rights lawyer throughout the state of Virginia. Len is extremely proud of the role he played in organizing an effort to improve living standards in a subsidized housing community after two of its residents died in their sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning. With new appliances and working carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the community, these families are now able to finally sleep safely at night without fear of not waking up the next morning. Service to Virginia : Len served our Commonwealth as an officer in the Virginia Defense Force, an integral component of the Virginia National Guard. Initially earning his commission as a JAG Officer, he continued in his service, eventually becoming a line officer and ultimately becoming the VDF Officer-In-Charge of the Joint Operations Center Augmentation Detachment during some of the most demanding state emergencies in the history of the Guard. It was through this experience that Len recognized the emerging threat of flooding and that we must act now to protect our special way of life for the future. His Call to Richmond: Len wants to represent us and our neighbors in the Virginia General Assembly. You’ve read just a small portion of his track record and you now also have a sense of his heart. Len is just the friend we need in Richmond! https://lenforthewin.com/