Reiki Level 1; Learn Energy Therapy Basics

Alyssa McDowell @alyssamcdowell

My office - Greenville, SC
2724 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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This Usui Reiki workshop is a TWO-DAY class on BOTH Saturday and Sunday morning--9AM to 12 noon--June 15th AND 16th. Participants must attend class BOTH days to complete level 1 Reiki certification requirements. This workshop is great for beginners looking to LEARN MORE ABOUT ENERGY THERAPY. Learning Reiki 1 is a wonderful starting point even if you don't understand what energy balancing is all about, and have never worked with energy or chakras before. Every novice I've introduced to energy therapy has been able to feel energy! Specifically Reiki stands for Universal Life Energy and, as a Reiki master myself, I will attune participants to level 1 Reiki during this workshop. This will enable energy to flow more easily from the students' hands. By channeling Reiki energy, a practitioner can facilitate the body's natural ability to return to a balanced state and some report that it may alleviate physical symptoms. Those of you who know me know that I am a thorough teacher, and I don't care to just "pass students through" to the next level. In my Reiki workshops, I will make sure you understand what is being taught and my goal is that you will leave feeling confident at each level. Whether you intend to use the techniques and knowledge professionally on clients or just with family, friends, pets, and on yourself, I want you to be equipped with healer knowledge. To be a successful healer in any modality, you must be prepared for any situation and also for your healing abilities to grow and evolve. The first day of class we will discuss healer basics including self-care, importance of developing self-confidence and self-esteem, using your intuition, receiving spiritual messages and guidance, working with spirit guides, being a spiritual coach, boundaries, and more. I often feel other teachers do not adequately prepare their students for "the real world" of working on clients and only focus on showing you the techniques. Of course there will be lots of hands-on practice time as well on both days of the workshop! If you don't already know how to feel and "run" energy, you will be given the opportunity to experience this during class. In addition, you will learn the benefits of energy balancing, the basics of the energy systems (aura, chakras), how to use Reiki energy to facilitate healing on yourself, on animals, plants, and on people. Every student will receive a Reiki Healing for Beginners book which includes over 100 remedies for ailments such as depression, weight gain, menopausal issues, colds and flu, diabetes, aches and pains, and more! Even if you took Reiki classes in the past, I believe this would be a valuable workshop to help you get back into it if you have not been using Reiki for some time. Some participants may feel they did not receive a thorough education with previous teachers, or were left feeling unsure and confused as to how to feel energy. Please contact me by email UpstateHealer@gmail.com or call 864-770-5732 if you have any questions about this workshop. TOTAL workshop fee for both days is $150. Note: Anyone who changes their RSVP to "not going" within 72 hours of class will be REQUIRED to pay a $50 deposit in advance of the next Reiki class they sign up for regardless of reason to not attend.