Reclaim your Wild Essence


Jemez Springs - Jemez Springs, NM

Thu, Jul 18 at 8:00 PM - Sun, Jul 21 at 5:00 PM, 2019

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A 4 day / 3-night Camping Trip July 18 - 21, 2019 *Limited to only 11 women This is our THIRD year offering this POWERFUL and LIFE TRANSFORMATIVE camping retreat for women. This is an intimate journey of self-discovery to RECLAIM your WILD ESSENCE Do you have a desire to UNLEASH your WILD WOMEN and RECONNECT with your PRIMORDIAL SELF Have you felt STUCK and looking for adventure? Facilitated by Danielle Petersen, Wild Soul Living and Gina Garris, Come Play with Gina. __________________________ Event Details: This retreat is a unique experience giving permission to really notice, honor, liberate and integrate life energies that have been caught up and deeply entangled in old experiences, emotions, and beliefs. We provide an opportunity for women to become conscious of our own inner roots and access your core radiance not only to yourself but this vast symbiotic relationship that lives and breaths around you. This journey connects you to the innate wildness, your primordial self to be the erotic bliss goddess that YOU are. When we are in the wild, some primordial elemental part of us awakens to this truth to the idea we are in communion with life that moves all around us. Price includes two trained facilitators, hot springs, waterfall excursion, cave ceremony, jade egg, customized journal, and other fun surprises. This retreat is appropriate for camping beginners and outdoor adventurers enthusiasts. No camping experience required. You must be able to hike a leisure3 miles. You will be responsible for your gear, food, and water. A full camping list will be supplied upon registration. If you are concerned about necessary equipment prior to registration, please don't hesitate to call 303-903-5646. We do have some tents and gear to be used for a nominal fee, that would include all set-up and take down if interested __________________________ Event Logistics: We will meet at the hot springs in Jemez Springs where you will be taken deep into the woods to a private, secluded spot to set-up your tent. It is here that your inner and outer worlds meet to discover your true natured essence mirrored in the earth’s wild beauty. Your days will be filled with adventures to hot springs, caves, waterfalls, drumming, and so much more. It is in nature where we become conscious, awake and alive again. In nature we are able to go deeper to the energies that we feel within our own bodies, living organisms (trees, animals, other humans), and earth energies (air, water, fire) presence can be felt on the energetic level but one that is personal to us. __________________________ Brief Overview of Schedule: We will meet at 2:00 pm on July 18, 2019, in Jemez, NM which is 1 hour west of Albuquerque and about 6 hours south of Denver. We will close the circle on July 21, 2019, by 2:00 p.m. Day one: Set-up tents at a secluded campsite at 2:00 pm. Opening ceremony and ritual. Setting intentions and connection. Day two: Pack a lunch for a full day of nature exploration! You will be taken on a 4.5-mile journey into nature and guided through various embodiment practices. We will be traveling to a remote mountaintop hot springs in which we will guide through a water ceremony. This day is designed to be intense, powerful, healing, releasing, and transformative. To conclude the day activities, we celebrate our animal skin with an evening fire ceremony. Day three: A reflective day in which we will walk along a river bed to the waterfall. This is a short 3 miles hike. Your own personal photo shoot in nature. Followed by a dip in the Giggling Springs hot springs. Day four: Closing ceremony. Every participant will receive their own customized nature journal, jade egg, and opportunity for their own private photo shoot in nature to document their own personal experience and journey. _______________________________ Learn more: www.daniellewildsoul.com