Play with Kids at a Motel (Anaheim)

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El Dorado Inn - Anaheim, CA
3360 West Lincoln Avenue

Sat, May 11, 2019 at 1:30 AM - 2:30 AM

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Hi. If you are using the Meetup mobile app on your phone, look down a few lines below and tap the red-colored "Read more" to expand the description. TAP THIS --------- If you are using a computer or laptop/notebook, then you should be fine. Okay, everybody should now be able to see the full description on their screen. Reminder for everyone: If Meetup sends too many emails, then look at the bottom of their email and click Unsubscribe or Manage your settings or account page. Recommended for anyone new to this group or volunteering for the first time: ____________________ Hi. Would anyone want to attend this event and help host? Hosting isn't hard. It involves being a point of contact in case others sign up and want to meet & volunteer together. If your plans/availability change, and you can't attend anymore, that's fine, just let us know and maybe someone else can step up to host, but if not, it's okay and we can cancel this meetup. ____________________ I try to spread the word about volunteer opportunities and raise awareness about non-profits/charities that do good work. This event is from another group, OC United. "In 2011 we began to show up at the El Dorado motel every week, multiple times a week. Wednesday nights we have rotating teams serve dinner to approximately 125 residents providing connection and community. Friday nights we bring families together through pizza, root beer floats, fun activities, crafts, dominos, and laughter." On Friday nights, they serve pizza & root beer floats, and play games/sports with the kids. Some of the regular volunteers who attend every Friday are from nearby church groups, but they welcome new volunteers. Even though some participants are Christian, being religious or Christian is not required nor expected. ____________________ They are pretty friendly and open to new people helping play with the kids. You can play basketball, throw a football, play with jump rope, play card/board games like Uno, Jenga, etc. Sometimes the kids play musical instruments. Their video shows what this is about - If anyone wants to help serve the food/ice cream or play with the kids, feel free to just show up or contact them in advance. Jay via or Katie via ____________________ Note: To help me save time, this is automatically posted in this group, but if anyone wants to check before driving there, please feel free to contact them to confirm this event is happening this Friday. It's possible they might not have an event on this date (e.g. holiday, inclement weather, lack of food donations, the project leader is busy/sick, etc.) please confirm with them. Regarding parking....the motel has two entrances/gates. Look for the entrance on the west, next to the shopping area (stores like 99 cent store & O'Reilly Auto Parts). If parking at the motel isn't available, try street parking or by the shopping plaza. They meet in the back (west-side) of the motel. Go past the gate toward the back of the motel - refer to this visual - ____________________ Photos: Video: