Overcome Food Cravings & Urges Presentation


Northside Library - santa clara, CA
695 Moreland Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sat, Jun 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Welcome, whatever your food cravings and urges. You will learn 1 mindset and 3 techniques during this workshop to: - have peaceful relationship with food - stop yo yo dieting - stop hating your body & soul - be free of compulsions & obsessions This is a 100% judgment free space for YOU. Come as your 100% authentic-self whatever your food struggles. Please note: this is NOT your typical 'lifestyle or diet program' for WEIGHT LOSS or NUTRITION. This workshop is for South Bay folks who: 1) binge or emotionally overeat 2) constantly obsess over food 3) food addicts & compulsive eaters OR ... do you oftentimes eat until you are uncomfortably full & bloated? If so then you need to hear this info about latest scientific findings! You will find us in the Private Conference Group Study Room 1 of the Northside Rivermark library. Please check ✓ to confirm your attendance* ***By attending the event you will get full access to a Stop Binge Eating online course and ebook*** Sign up ✓ and I'll see you at the event! ---------------------------------------------- Jared Levenson, Master's Degree Counselor from Santa Clara University will be your workshop facilitator. Jared lived as a Zen Monk for 13 months to cure his binge eating and negative emotional patterns . He is Certified in Intuitive Eating, Yoga, and Wellness Coaching. To learn more, visit Jared's South Bay Binge & Emotional Eating Disorder Treatment website at https://weightlossenlightenment.com