Outdoor Boot Camp

LeTa Jussila @letabjussila

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum - Santa Cruz
701 West Cliff Drive

Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

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Here’s why you’ll never want to miss our class: Your trainer and group are waiting for you at the meeting location. You have a short period of time out of your day to go all out. You have paid upfront; you are committed. Your group has now become your team. You’re amazed at the level which you can now workout. Your body is changing! The program focuses on strengthening the core muscle groups while providing a full-body workout. By using tools such as resistance bands, body weight and gravity, stairs, hand weights, and natural props, we design a wide variety of fun and exciting workouts that are guaranteed to challenge your body and mind. The small group environment and careful attention to each individual’s needs make Boot Camp an ideal complement to your exercise routine. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to increase performance, or an individual who wants to improve fitness, this program is sure to inspire you and bring your fitness to the next level. Boot Camp classes can accommodate all levels of fitness. Boot Camp is focused on environmental integration and is designed to promote the mind-body connection created during the outdoor workout experience. We believe that there is no greater workout setting than the natural environment and this class takes full advantage of all the beauty Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties has to offer. By holding classes in a variety of locations within the counties, Boot Camp showcases the diversity and beauty of the area. Beaches, forests, mountains, and trails will motivate and inspire you to reach your fullest potential. Outdoor Fitness combines cardiovascular with resistance activities in a fun, group, outdoor workout environment. You will never have a dull moment in this fast-paced, individually challenging class. Even in this group class environment, each individual is challenged at his or her own level and pushed to their potential.