Ongoing Weekly Meeting - "We Are All Reflections of One Another"

Jamie Wilcox @jamiewilcox

141 S Arizona Ave - Prescott, AZ
141 S Arizona Ave

Sat, May 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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We will begin each each meeting/sharing session with a "Unity Circle" where we express gratitude and share the intention/focus for each particular meeting. We agree to recognize the importance of maintaining a "safe space" where all members feel free to come as they are without fear of judgement, ridicule or exposure to ideas that may intensify fear based beliefs. We will begin with a presentation on the topic at hand then follow up with an opportunity for personal sharing and a question and answer session where all members are given an equal amount of time to speak (topics will be posted in advance and we are open to topic suggestions from group members). Questions and sharing should relate to the topic as much as possible. We will maintain a high standard of behavior for this group. We will choose our words with care so as to express ourselves in a manner that is as optimistic as each can manage at that time. When we are experiencing challenges, we will express our feelings and thoughts without blame or judgement, taking responsibility for ourselves and for our experiences to the best of our ability. We will accept accountability from group leaders when we are requested to rephrase something shared in a manner that blames another (members will be honored and met where they are at but will be requested to rephrase/re-frame wording that is pessimistic, judgmental and/or overly fear based). Fear based topics (ie, conspiracy theories, will not be discussed during group settings. malevolent entities, etc.), unless the speaker is simply mentioning that they have an emotional response to these types of topics. We are all held to the same standards of accountability. We will allow more flexibility during "sharing" time to provide opportunities for expression, but safe space must be preserved so that no one feels judged. Upgrades in speech may be suggested but discernment is critical. If we sense any personal triggers/emotional responses to something another member is sharing, we agree to refrain from comments (save for an explanation regarding our own trigger if desired). Examples of Healing Methods and Supportive Gifts/Talents Which Members May Bring to the Table: Expression circles-- Each person is given a set amount of time to share whatever is on their mind while members listen and send the speak love, empathy and compassion. NO verbal feedback is given but members may offer hugs of support if requested/desired. Non violent communication circles - gives each member a set amount of time to share and an opportunity to feel emphatically "heard" when his or her comments are expressed back to them with clear understanding of how they are feeling. Speakers will learn how to take responsibility for themselves by using "I" and feeling statements instead of blaming others with the use of "you" statements. Reflections of the shadow/limiting beliefs - for members who are ready to "deep dive", sharing of their personal story offers a starting place to look for the underlying beliefs/intentions/shadows that are veiling the remembrance of their True Nature. Positive statement sessions - members share statements indicating their positive state of being-ness without asking questions and without reference to the past. In this way their True Nature can begin to shine through their conditioned minds! We want to know what your unique gifts and talents are!!