North Phoenix Sand Volleyball All Levels

Nyomi M @nyomim

Rose Mofford Sports Complex - Phoenix, AZ
9833 N 25th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Sun, Apr 21, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM

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These are all 4-on-4 games. Beginners and new faces are encouraged to come to this day. Please recognize that it is a mix of all skill levels and the emphasis is on good rallies and good hustle. Basic sand rules are enforced. The expectation is that you are open to improving through watching and listening to more experienced players, during play. At a minimum, know the fundamentals of the game and be able to consistently serve over the net (underhand is fine) and bump pass to your teammates. If you are unfamiliar or rusty on beach volleyball rules or fundamentals, please see the notes below and youtube any concept that may need clarification. Above all, we are a nice and friendly bunch who want to meet new people and have fun! Join us at Rose Mofford Sports Complex for Sand Volleyball! Only great sportsmanship and attitudes are welcomed! This is a 18+ meet up only. Multiple no shows with no communication will lead to the removal from the group. Please have a basic understanding of the game Note that: -3 hits: Bump, set and spike on all possible plays -Setter gets Second hit unless they call for help -No setting over the net -No open hand receiving on the serve -No touching the net while in play -No "dunking" the ball over the net -To prevent argument any credible challange will be an automatic "do over" -No lifts/carries only clean contact No +1 every play must RSVP