Nisarga Yoga with James Traverse for Health and Well-Being

Barb Musgrave @barbmusgrave

Samadhi Yoga House - Fall River, NS
1397 Fall River Rd

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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Classes consist of Breathing, Traditional Yoga Postures, Guided Relaxation Meditation and Authentic Being. Classes are ongoing; Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays 10:15am. You can come by and try a class anytime - the cost is $10 for a 90 minute class. James has over 40 years of yoga experience, visit https://www.beingyoga.com/yoga.html or Call 902 702 3249. Nisarga Yoga [Nisarga means without parts – it also means natural, which is why it is based on breathing] includes and is beyond book learning and physical postures. This approach honours the original intention of the founders of yoga, like Patanjali, who said, "An improvement in posture and breathing is not the sole nor even the primary aim of yoga. Instead, it is either a therapeutic method of freeing the mind from false beliefs, or the insight into ultimate reality, the dharmas, achievable by this method. Yoga is an intrinsic and integrated system consisting of metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, the theory of knowledge, ethics and the philosophy of language."