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Kaunas Kaunas Region

Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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DEFEAT MYRIAD The first major battle against Nemesis is in your hands. Myriad holds the first barrier: will you be able to defeat them and help save the researchers? Sign up now to claim your spot and get the latest updates on locations, times, merch, and more! NEW: Anomaly medal ticketing procedure In order to receive an anomaly medal, you will need to accomplish the following: 1) Sign up with an Anomaly Medal ticket (with your correct agent name) 2) Perform at least 13 successful hacks of anomaly portals during the anomaly period Please note that we will be performing additional verification on anomaly medal recipients. If you attempt to spoof your location or otherwise cheat in order to acquire an anomaly medal, severe action will be taken on your Ingress account (and any other accounts involved), up to termination of the account(s). FIGHT WITH YOUR FACTION An XM Anomaly is a large-scale Ingress competition. You will be competing in several challenges along with other members of your faction. The more you coordinate, the better your odds -- but you always have the option of playing your own game, alone or with friends. If you want to connect up with your Faction organization, visit the Enlightened or Resistance pages. Meet new agents and take on this mission together to unlock exciting rewards. Agents who register and engage in the anomaly will receive a limited-edition in-app anomaly medal. Once available, full rules for the anomaly competition can be found at https://ingress.com/events/anomaly-rules