Mindfulness Meetup | Meditation in the Garden

Marloes Eindhoven @marloeseindhoven

[ a d e m p a u z e ] - Eindhoven
Hemelrijken 77

Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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If you have ever followed a(n 8-week) Mindfulness training in the past, this Follow-Up can be an effective way to help freshen up your memory & (re)build your Mindfulness habits. Mindfulness has proven to be most effective when practiced on a regular basis. Regular practice will help the brain & body to relax faster and more effectually, it will increase your focus, diminish fatigue, and reduce stress more effectively & pro-actively. This week´s Follow-Up session will take place IN THE GARDEN! Come & join us for a gathering under the cherry tree, and take part in our listening-focussed meditations, surrounded by the sounds of our beautiful (sunny) garden.. Language: Dutch, English (in case English speaking participants are joining). Duration: 90 minutes Costs: 10 euros (8 euros with cutting card) Participation: Please send a PM (Personal Message) to sign up