Mindfulness Meditation (The Path That Leads to Enlightenment)

Love All-Beings @loveallbeings

Body & Mind Wellness Studio - Chiang Mai
2 Moon Mueng Road, Soi 7

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

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Breathing Mindfulness Meditation: Learn how to create a stable and clear mind with increased levels of concentration. (Seated, Lying, Standing, and Walking positions). Learn how meditation is a practice inside of your "life practice" on The Path towards nibbana or enlightenment as taught by Gotama Buddha. Enlightenment/Nibbana: a steady, calm, peaceful mind free of greed, hatred, and delusion with the elimination of ego and cravings realizing non-self. Complete inner peace... You are welcome to join this class at no cost. If you are interested to offer a donation, you are welcome to do so. All are welcomed and no one will be turned away. —— Gotama Buddha’s goal was to provide teachings that gave the mind a place it could be permanently content, thus, completely eliminate discontentedness of the mind teaching human beings how to obtain nibbana or enlightenment. He understood that all things in the world are impermanent and because of our cravings, desires, and clinging for everything to be permanent...we cause our own discontentedness. When we have learned and practiced teachings that lead to enlightenment, nobody can cause us discontentedness of the mind. Many people feel the goal in life is to be happy, however happiness is impermanent and you can not keep it forever. When the mind is not happy, it will move to sadness, anger, or worse. Therefore, if we dwell in happiness it will lead to discontentedness as the mind can not hold onto happiness forever. Happiness is still impermanent and is not the goal that would lead to nibbana or lasting inner fulfillment. Happiness is impermanent. Gotama Buddha offered teachings that would provide the mind a permenant place to dwell....contented, peaceful, calm, steady...a mind with loving kindness, compassion, generosity...and without greed, hatred, or delusion with the elimination of cravings and desires dissolving the ego and realization of non-self. This is nibbana...this is enlightenment...this is the goal to eliminate discontentedness or suffering of the mind and thus for the entire world to strive to obtain enlightenment. It is possible. ----- Learning and Practicing the Teachings of Gotama Buddha with Guidance Facebook Group: Daily Wisdom - Walking The Path with The Buddha FREE Book Available for Download - “Developing a Life Practice - The Path That Leads to Nibbana https://www.facebook.com/groups/DailyWisdom999/