Mind Food Podcast Club: Ezra Klein & Steven Pinker - Enlightenment Now [$10]


Executive Order Bar & Lounge - San Francisco, CA
868 Mission St

Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

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This week's location: Executive Order Bar & Lounge (21+ only): This week's episode: Event fee: - Free for first-time attendees - $10 for returning members. Cash, venmo or paypal (See payment details below) --- What's this week's podcast about? In this conversation, Steven Pinker and Ezra Klein talk about Pinker’s newest book, as well as his views on political correctness on campus, how politics drives us to irrationality, and what future generations will look back on us with horror for doing. One of Pinker's primary arguments is: if all you’re following is the daily news cycle, with our deep bias towards what’s going wrong right now, it’s easy to miss how much has gone right to get us to this moment. In Pinker’s newest book, Enlightenment Now, he mounts both his case that the world that this moment is astonishingly great from a historical perspective, and argues that there’s a reason for that: enlightenment values of science, reason, humanism, and faith in progress. Values that he says are under attack from a right that is retreating into zero-sum nationalism, a left that has lost faith in progress, and a public that doesn't always appreciate just how much progress has been made. This week's episode: --- What's a podcast club? It's like a book club for podcasts. Each week we discuss a long-form discussion podcast from podcasters like Sam Harris, Joe Rogan or Ezra Klein. We start off as a large group and spend part of the time chatting in smaller groups. Our conversations are very casual and open and we encourage everyone to speak freely, respectfully and concisely. Ultimately, the idea is to help each other think a little differently and learn a thing or two. Afterward, some of us usually go out for dinner and drinks. Our meetings generally follow this format: - Meet and mingle - Intros and initial thoughts - A few rounds of small group discussions - Closing thoughts and takeaways - Grab food/drink somewhere nearby --- Payment details: If this will be your first podcast club event, feel free to try it out for free. If you are a returning member, we're asking for $10 to attend this event. This money will go to producing more events and growing the community. You can find payment details below. If you currently don't have the means to contribute monetarily, no problem at all. Just shoot me (Brandon) a podcast recommendation and we're all good. Thank you in advance! - Cash: Just pay at the event - Venmo: @brandon-upchurch - Paypal: --- Vote: Suggest or vote on a future podcast to discuss here: Facebook: If you’re not yet allergic to facebook, feel free to continue the discussion online: