Men's Group


Nichole Colquitt @nicholecolquitt

224 EcoSpace - Hartford, CT
224 Farmington Avenue

Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

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Toivo's Men's Group is a safe space to open up, set goals, hold accountability, and work together as men. This is an opportunity to change the story men have heard -- that it is weak to feel -- to a new story where there is strength in vulnerability. The core values of this group will be • to honor each other's truth, • to keep an open mind, • to offer non-judgmental compassion, and • to honor confidentiality. It's time to come together, grow, form bonds, and redefine our belief structures about what it means to be a man. Through mind-body practices, active listening, sharing, team-building exercises, as well as some fun and meditation, we will co-create a space to connect on a deeper level. This group will meet Sunday nights starting on April 7 from 6 pm - 8 pm. FREE Free parking in front and back of the Toivo building, on Franklin Ave, and across the street from Toivo in a parking lot next to Tico's Place. Facilitator Bios: Craig Best: Craig is interested in exploring the ways people connect, heal, build communities, and create healthy relationships. He has explored a variety of therapy modalities, body awareness and spiritual practices to help manage anxiety and depression. Craig is a passionate environmental and social justice activist. He has been involved in community organizing, rallies, and various forms of protest. He is passionate about music, qigong, reading, human nature, society and resilience. He teaches qigong at Toivo. Michael Thompson: Having lived thru sexual abuse, physical trauma, and addiction, it was hard to see himself beyond shame, pain, and depression. The comfort zone of depression was not where Michael wanted to live anymore. Eventually, within safe spaces, he decided to take a leap of faith, face fear, and open up about his experiences. Creating safe spaces for people to be seen, heard, and valued is something Michael takes very personally. He credits these spaces as having the biggest impact on his continuous growth from dark to light as they have moved him out from a place of loneliness and isolation and into a place where he feels a part of. It is Michael’s mission to break out of the constraint of the ego and connect with each other as humans. If he is not battling the darkness you can find him doing his best to bring the light thru awkward dance moves and childish jokes. Aside from creating safe spaces and being awkward Michael takes part in Yoga, Sound Healing, therapy, Shamanic work, and piano.