Memorial Day Happy Hour/BOGO Dinner Pub Crawl by Water Taxi.... :)

Bob H. @bobh1

Dockside Boardwalk - Naples, FL
1100 6th Ave S

Mon, May 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Hey Everyone Here's the plan. Buy a copy of this Sunday's Naples News Paper (if you don't have the electronic version), back by the Comics section is a couple of pages of coupons one of which is a BOGO dinner (with restrictions of course) for the Dock seafood restaurant. We'll meet at Docks at 4:00pm. Pair up with a friend of another Member that does not have a coupon and enjoy a BOGO dinner during Happy Hour or enjoy just Happy Hour without dinner. Please bring a selection of cash to make check out easier as I'm not sure if they will split a BOGO checks. Then after dinner we can have a pub crawl by the Naples Water Shuttle ($10 cash/PP for the day) that circles the bay every 45 minutes of so stopping by each of the waterfront restaurants/bars. We may be able to bring our own drinks on board the water shuttle as long as there is no glass, the restaurants cannot let you leave with their drinks in hand so bring your own from home... :) Please post if you have a coupon to share or if you need a coupon to share. Thanks and hope to see you there... :) Bob H.