Meet, eat, talk about whatever we find interesting along our pathway.


Razzleberry's - Oak Ridge, TN
Jackson Square

Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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The day and time are set but the location and people attending change weekly. We get together for conversation, food, laughter, learning, teaching and just hanging out with peaceful people. Non-Pagans are welcome, there is usually at least one with us every meetup. We go by Pagan Standard Time (PST) which means that it is fine to arrive when you can and leave when you want. A few of us arrive around 5:30, some at 6, and some later. Look for an infinity symbol on or near our table, or ask at the counter for the Pagan discussion group. Stop by some Thursday and join us in conversation. Conversations have included: explaining nature witchcraft to an atheist; interesting facts about bees (all the workers are female); a book, The Accidental Universe; what Shamanism is and isn't; the beliefs of Jains; telling mildly bawdy jokes; the difference, if any, between magick and spell-work. Everyone is invited to ask questions, answer questions, and suggest topics for discussion. Jokes are always appreciated.