Meditation and Hanging out After


3270 W Big Beaver Rd - Troy, MI
3270 W Big Beaver Rd

Wed, May 1, 2019 at 10:50 PM - 1:00 AM

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The building where the Meditation Center is located in is in an office building right across from the Kresge Foundation historic location on Big Beaver Road. When you get inside the office building, look on the directory for "The Meditation Center", but I think it is on the fourth floor. The meditation session is hosted by a guru and starts at 7:00 sharp and is usually done by 730. At the start of every meditation session the guru gives a quick explanation of how the meditation will take place and provide some guidance. (It's not complicated.) Of course everyone is responsible to get to and from the event safely and legally. Also, everyone is expected to pay their own bill at the restaurant if everyone decides to do drinks after. Please note that the meditation session is free and everyone is encouraged to show up in clothes that they will be comfortable in. As a result sweat pants etc. are totally fine. I've even seen people show up with blankets and that works fine as well. Also, a lot of people are really enjoying this weekly event but I'm not going to be there due to prior commitments. I've asked two other group members to run point on this event so that we don't lose momentum since it is being so well received by everyone!