LiveMusic-Special Magic Flavors & Save-U-More Gourmet Grocery


Magic Flavors & Save-U-More Intl Gourmet Store - Kent, , WA
23636 104th Ave SE

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Easy get together without much drama. Meet nice people and enjoy good food. Meetups are what you make out of them. Participate and grow, so stay lonely at home: You choice! ------------- Check Magic-Flavors for current band or musician and other events: http://www.magic-flavors.com/magicflavors/music.htm Also offering OPEN MIC if anybody wants to try!!! Either enjoy Appetizers, Tapas or Gelato, or have dinner at the new Magic Flavors location! Let’s relax 5.30-7.30pm, enjoy a craft beer or local wine and make friends for a weekend activity. Great first Meetup if you haven't been, or haven't been for a while! On Monday we have Monday Football ! On Wednesday, we have Dance Lessons On Friday, we have live music! On Saturday, we have Karaoke or special performances! Magic Flavors Gelato Café Restaurant and Bakery; http://www.magic-flavors.com/magicflavors/ They just opened up, have fantastic dishes and home made Gelato European rye breads as well as Asian Pastries. Let's support local businesses! Magic Flavors also DELIVERS now through UberEast https://www.ubereats.com/stores/2900e898-f5bf-48bb-bfb6-4a402ab1b51e/ Next to the Golden Steer in the Save-U-More Building: http://www.Save-U-More.com (http://www.save-u-more.com/) Intl. Gourmet Store and Deli with smoked meats and imported cheese, bakery, and all the goodies from around the world: Germany, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asian, Indian, Latin America ! Bring your appetite and your smiling personality, see you there! Val 206-890-2768