Let's meet up and make new friends on Mondays!

John Peters @johnpeters

Glorious Jewel Café, Dongfeng - Taipei City
No. 72, Dongfeng Road, Daan District

Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Let's celebrate cultural diversity and learn different languages on the first workday of the week! Whether you want to practice a language that you’re learning or simply enjoy an international friendship night, you are welcome to join us for dinner and make your Monday night colorful. 每週第一個工作日來體驗多元文化與學習不同語言吧!!!!! 不管你是想練習正在學的語言,或只是想度過愉快的國際交友之夜,都歡迎來一起享用晚餐,讓星期一更多采多姿喔!! If this is what you’re looking for: 1. A place to chat casually in English 2. Language exchange partners 3. International friendship 如果你是在尋找: 1. 可以用英文輕鬆聊天的地方 2. 語言交換伙伴 3. 國際友誼 There is no admission fee for this event and you only need to pay for your own food and drink. Please at least order a drink plus one additional item (cake, handmade cookies, salad, waffle or sandwich, etc.) as we will be in the Café for quite some time. The Café serves various types of high-quality tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juice, light meals and super delicious handmade cookies and cakes. All are welcome! 活動免費參加,僅需自付餐飲費用。因為我們在店中聚會時間較長,請至少點一杯飲料加一種餐點(蛋糕、手工餅乾、沙拉、鬆餅或三明治都可以)。咖啡店中供應多種類型的咖啡、茶品、現榨果汁、輕點、超美味手工餅乾與蛋糕。歡迎大家!! Seats will be arranged depending on availability, so please join us on time if you can, before all the seats are taken. 將依店內現有座位安排入座,請儘可能準時,以免向隅。