Thursday 2:00 AM - Monday 3:00 AM, Aug 2

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About the Event

Hey, there’s a lot going on. And all of this is new…. To everyone. So it’s okay if you’re not feeling “up to it” or motivated. But, if you’re having a hard time dealing with everything that’s happening and feeling sad, worried, or anxious, you may want to write it down and get it out. ✍️🌈 You can also write about all the positive things that have happened this year; what have you accomplished? Did you learn something new about yourself? What are some goals you’ll be looking to accomplish in the future? Journaling will almost always help give you some perspective and provide a great release. Here are some good journals for reflecting: 1. Instant Happy Journal 2. Worry In, Wisdom Out Reflection Journal 3. Start Where You Are Journal 4. The Five Minute Journal