Joint Futures - Holistic Design Conference (tickets via website)

Yves Florack @yvesflorack

Kaapelitehdas - Helsinki
Tallberginkatu 1

Tue, Sep 3 at 5:00 AM - Thu, Sep 5 at 3:00 PM, 2019

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Tickets via: Conference Website: -Are you satisfied with the methods and tools your organization is using to create value? -Do you feel that your teams are internally aligned and collaborating effectively? -Is your executive team aware of how design and design thinking is being used to achieve business goals? You’re not alone in wondering about answers to these questions – and more. We are thrilled to invite you to join this critical – and critically timed – conversation. By joining us, you will connect with other leaders asking and answering these questions, and more. Joint Futures brings together the best and brightest minds in strategy, operations, and craft. Some of our speakers are innovators, some are designers, and many are design innovators. The conference is produced by a small, diverse, and mighty team of international experts and leaders, and we are pleased to host strategic workshops by Rosenfeld Media to complement the two days of programming. You can see the full schedule of activities on our site. Wouldn’t you like to be the person helping to distribute the future in your organization and to your community? Dual Track program -- The program in Joint Futures is diverging into two tracks (stages). The conference spans in 2 days (3-4 September), and on the third day (5 September) participants will have the opportunity to attend full-day workshops. People Track (Hosted by Dave Malouf, Design Leader, Group of Humans) -- All about managing design teams, expectations, communicating our profession, selling the value of design & how to amplify & scale our design orgs. Craft Track (Hosted by Jina Anne, Design Systems Pioneer, Clarity) -- All about becoming more efficient with tools, ways of working, processes, current trends in the profession and insights on users and other companies’ methods. Speakers -- We are curating a line up of over 20 speakers for keynotes, panels, talks and lightning talks. Mike Monteiro – Art and Design director – Whole foods, HOT studio, Mule Design, Author Priya Prakash – Head of mobile experience at Nokia, professor and founder/consultant Kim Goodwin – VP of Design at Cooper, Author & consultant Dori Tunstall – Design Anthropologist & Dean of Design Faculty at OCAD University Emily Campbell – Design Lead working with Invision Hana Nagel – Service Designer working at Element AI, previously SAP Josh Silverman – Consultant having worked with companies like IBM and Twitter Jason Mesut – Consultant and IXDA board member Tatiana Mac – Independent consultant working with companies like Verizon, Microsoft, Cisco, CenturyLink, Canon, and Berkshire Hathaway Eduardo Ortiz – Consultant, previously director of design at Siberia Tammie Lister – Design manager at Wordpress Sami Niemelä – Co Founder of Nordkapp Gretchen Anderson - Independent Consultant & Author Marc Stickdorn - CEO of More than Metrics Designing for children’s guide – Working with Unicef and dozens of companies like DesignIt, Frog, & LEGO to build a guide for ethical building for children Making this event possible -- Main Organiser: - Elisa Partners: - InVision (Exclusive Platinum Partner) - Rosenfeld Media (Main Partner) - Siili (Gold Partner) - Nitor (Gold Partner) - Intergalactico (Gold Partner) - Helsinki City (Partner) - Abstract (Partner) - Redland (Branding and Marketing) - TAPAUS (Event Production) Supported By: - UXHel (Helsinki's UX Design Community) - Designer Hangout (Global UX Design Community) - Service Design Network (Global Service Design Community) Tickets via: Conference Website: