Japanese tea meets Chinese tea #19

Shogo Ohashi @shogoohashi

Osaka Salon - Osaka
1-9-33 Nishi-Ku Itachi-Bori Osaka

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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※ Non-Japanese ppl are 500yen !! ※ It is the chance to speak Japanese!! ※ It is the chance to learn part of Japanese & Chinse culture!! ※ 中国語喋れなくて、大丈夫です!! INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/language_and_tea To all the tea lovers We have been serving many kinds of Chinese tea for last two years. From Dec 2017 we decided to have the opportunity of drinking Japanese & Chinese tea at the same time. Hope we can meet new people through the delicious Asian teas!! Everyone comes alone, and all will be welcomed warmly. Don't afraid of that:) 約2年の中国茶イベント開催を経て、2017年12月より、私たちは日本茶および中国茶を同時に味わうイベントを開催することにしました♪ 東アジアのお茶を通じ、沢山の方にお会いできることを楽しみにしております!! みんな一人で来ますし、どなたも温かく迎えますのでご安心を^^ ポイントシステム について 2019年4月より、LINEによるショップカード制度を導入しました。QRコードを読み取っていただくだけで、お手持ちのスマホにポイントが貯まります。5ポイントで次回の参加費が無料になりますので、集めてみてくださいね。 point system From April 2019, we introduced a shop card system by LINE. You can collect points on your smartphone simply by reading the QR code. The next entry fee will be free with 5 points, so please collect it. [CHARGE]※ Non-Japanese ppl are 500yen !! 1,000yen for four kinds of cup of tea (Chinese tea: Pouring three cups for each/Because Chinese tea is that we enjoy the taste change by each pouring time. It is hard to explain...please try to see it first anyway^^). Japanese Tea side 1. 宇治煎茶(Sencha/ green tea from Kyoto Japan) 2. 碁石茶(Goishicha/ fermented tea from Kochi Japan) ※①Pouring one cup for each Chinese tea side 1. 月光白茶 (White tea, China) 2. 鉄観音 (Oolong tea, China) ※①Pouring two cups for each ※②Selected from White tea/ Green tea/ Woolong tea/Black tea/ Puer tea/ Jusmin tea or other kinds of Chinese tea [PLACE] Osaka Salon (3rd floor!!!) Address: 1-9-33 Nishi-Ku Itachi-Bori Osaka, Osaka http://www.osakasalon.com/ [TIME] Jan 26Jan (Friday) 20:00~22:30 Let's have a casual conversation with deliciaous cups of Japanese and Chinese tea!! Yours sincerely May 25, 2019 Shogo Ohashi (Speaker of Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean/Chinese tea lover/Hiphop dancer/Organizer of Sound Bridge)