Jackson Pollock for Kids (All Ages) - Online Art Webinar

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Jackson Pollock inspired action painting Kids All ages Jackson Pollock was an abstract expressionist artist. During this workshop, we’ll explore his pioneering techniques in non-representational art. Although we will not be dripping paint on paper like he did, we will be trying the action painting technique by making expressive marks on the drawings and throwing colour on the paper with the plastic bag. 1-hour-30-minutes workshop The event is ticketed, and your place can be booked via the ticket link in the event description. Required: Computer, Tablet, Smartphone and access to wifi The downloaded latest version of Zoom app from Materials: A3 paper, paint (acrylic/ gouache), cut pieces of plastic bag. Please note that to be able to lead this webinar the participants will be muted. Event is listed in the UNITED KINGDOM TIME (GMT+0100) but will be available in other time zones. Please make sure to arrive on time for YOUR time zone We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time and wait in the zoom waiting room. The link to the webinar will be sent in email 1 day before the session, and the password to the session we will be sending a few hours before the start time for extra security. Please make sure to mark emails from the EVENTBRITE to avoid our email with the link to the webinar going to your JUNK folder :) The event lecturer is Dasha - a passionate art lover with experience of leading practical art history courses for adults and children and a professional architect with more than 10 years experience in the industry. Thank you, Let's paint together! :)