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Hankyu Umeda Station - Osaka

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 11:30 PM - 11:30 AM

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日本語下にあります NOTE: IF YOUR "INTERESTED" PRESS "YES" FOR GOING. WHEN WE PUT UP ALL THE INFO AND YOU DON'T WANT TO COME, THEN JUST TAKE YOUR NAME OFF THE LIST!! EASY:) Do you love music??? I hope so, cause we will have live music around the campfire during the night...Japanese traditional taiko, drums, jinbe, guitar, violin and of course a singer!!!! You dont have to play any intruments to come....just listen and have an EPIC 2 days with us:) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR INCREDIBLE PHOTOS FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS OF THIS GETAWAY: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1983262485259348 CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING VIDEO THAT WAS TAKEN LAST TRIP!!!! WE HAD 56 PEOPLE COME LAST TIME!!! GIRL VERSION VIDEO hhahaha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=522okT6P4Jo GUY VERSION VIDEO hahaaha: https://youtu.be/9VbU-NfQk9g One of my friends owns an incredible private beach on a nearby island called Shodoshima!!!!!!! 45~60 people will go on this "once in a life time trip". Have you ever been on a spectacular private beach...on an island?? This beach and 300 Hectares of land have been in the same family for generations....most of the forest has never been trekked though....THIS IS ABSOLUTE NATURE, AS IT IS. If you look there are lots of bird life, monkeys, peacocks, deer, wild boar etc in the forest...... Amazing diversity of fish in the water too!...hope to catch lots of fish too. ACTIVITIES YOU CAN DO: Hiking (surrounded by forest) Canoeing (5 canoes available) Badminton (Have full size net) Swimming (crystal clear water) Volleyball (Have full size net) Fishing (a few rods are available) Kayaking (2 kayaks available) Spear fishing (2 spear fishing guns) NOTE: All equipment will be provided FREE of charge !!!! FOOD: All the main meals will be provided when on the island. Also ALL snacks will be provided throughout the day, on all days (crisps, popcorn and taco chips etc.) Saturday Lunch: Fresh Chicken and Salad Roll (2 each) Dinner: Thai curry.... We`ll catch some fish too!! Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Cereal and fruits. Lunch: Sayonara BBQ- Hotdogs (2 each) WEATHER: Im sure the weather will be fine BUT if its not we have a HUGE indoors area.....HUGE living room space in a couple of building!!! THIS SPACE CAN EASILY FIT 70 PEOPLE COMFORTABLY:) WHERE AND WHEN: Meet at Umeda at 8:30am We will meet at Umeda Hankyu Station ( 2nd floor) near the gates at 8:30am . There will be 50 people there waiting so its easy to see us:) HOW WE WILL GET THERE: We will get the train to Kobe. Then a boat from the Kobe teriminal. After we will go on a hike (takes 1.5hr). If you dont want to take the easy hike to the beach we have spaces in the car and truck. Everyones bag will be loaded into the car. You will NOT walk with your luggage...we will put it in a mini truck. PARTICIPATION FEE: 2days/ 1 night: 9500yen Includes use of ALL sports equipment, ALL food and snacks when at the beach This is an amazingly affordable price. I just want everyone to get an opportunity to come!!!!:) The train and ferry ticket is NOT included. Here are the online details to buy your ticket:) If you went on a tour you would pay over 40000yen....... With this group its ONLY 9500yen. Lets enjoy the summer on a island private beach paradise:) Online pay link (Convenience Store payment OR credit card): https://private-beach-2019.peatix.com CONTACT: (Andy) by FACEBOOK: Please contact me with MANY questions....i encourage it!!!:) https://www.facebook.com/andy.opple or Cellphone 080-7012-2238 HOUSING: There are 2 cottages (fits 6 people each) and a large main house (3 levels high, with 4 large rooms) where people will be sleeping. Just bring a sleeping bag as you will sleep on the tatami. The rooms will be SEPARATED into girls and boys. Some people will want to sleep on the beach around the camp fire.....Some people will not sleep at all hahaha. ATTENDEE DETAILS: • 45~60 people • Usually between 21 - 35 years old. • Half foreigners and half Japanese. • Almost everyone will come by themselves. This is a place to meet NEW FRIENDS. It's ok! Our staff will introduce you to others if its your first time at our event:) So dont be shy!! • Come and learn some English and/or Japanese HONESTLY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES I HAVE EVER BEEN!!!! ようこそ:) 音楽好きですか。この旅行のテーマは音楽です。 ジンベイとか、太鼓とか、ギターとか、ヴァイオリンする人と歌手来るよ。もちろん何もしないで、見れるよ:)私は楽器が下手だから、見るだけ(笑)。もし太鼓とかギター弾きたいかったら、いいよ:) #英語話さなくていい。前回何人か英語全然話さなかったよ。 私は日本に暮らして五年半になって、すごく優しくてええ人会った。友達のなかで一人は小豆島で自分のプライベートビーチを持っています。 50人(25日本人、25人外国人)はこの素晴らしい経験できます。すげープライベート・ビーチ行ったことありますか。 前回の旅行の写真はここです(60枚あります) https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1983262485259348 アクティビティ: ハイキング(surrounded by bushland) Canoeing (5 canoes available) バッドミントン(Have proper net) 水泳 (crystal clear water) バレーボール (Have a proper net) 釣 (a few rods are available) カヤック (2 kayaks available) スピーヤフィシング Spear fishing (2 spear fishing guns) #全部道具は無料で使えます:) ご飯: ビーチにいる時に、全部食べ物付き。 土曜日 昼ごはん:チキンとサラダのロール 晩ご飯:タイカレー 日曜日 朝ごはん:いろんなシリアルと果物 昼ごはん:バーベキュー(ホットドッグ二つ) #スナック丸一日出します。(ポテトチップスとかポップコーンとかタコスチップスなど) どこ、いつ? 阪急梅田駅の2階で午前8:30時に待ち合わせです。でかい看板持つので、分かりやすいです。 どう小豆島へ行く? 大阪の阪急梅田駅から電車で神戸の三ノ宮駅まで行きます。その後フェリー乗ります。 小豆島着いた時、一時間半ハイクします。したくなかったら、車に乗れますよ。皆さんのカバンが車に入る:) 参加費 一泊二日9500円です これはすごくいい値段だと思います。私は皆が来る機会あって欲しい。 電車とフェリーの交通費付いていません。 全部のスポーツ用品とフードとスナックが付いてる:) オンラインチケット今から買えるよ。 もし普通のツアーでこの旅行したら、絶対四万以上払う。私のグループの値段は9500円だけです。 夏だ!海だ! 二日は9500円 オンラインのチケットのリンクは: https://private-beach-2019.peatix.com 連絡先 なんでも質問聞いてください:) (日本語大丈夫です) (アンディ) FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/andy.opple or 携帯 080-7012-2238 本気、このプライベートビーチはきれいな所の一つです!!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION ( 日本語下にあります。 8:30am from Umeda HANKYU Station ( 2nd floor near the gates). Note: If you want to meet at Kobe we will be at Pier 3 in Kobe. Make sure you are there by 10:15am RETURN TRIP: We will arrive at Kobe at 20:45 on Sunday PAYMENT: To be made via internet ticketing system (Peatix): https://private-beach-2019.peatix.com or in person at one of my events. Putting you name down on the list on Meetup or Facebook DOE NOT ENSURE YOUR PLACE. ITS JUST THE FIRST 45~60 WHO PAY FIRST GO. ACOMMODATION: We will be sleeping on carpet in a house or cabin. The rooms will NOT be mixed. Guys will have their own rooms and girls will have their own rooms!! -There is a shower with running hot water. -There is electricity to charge your phone and one large fridge. 皆、小豆島わくわくしてるの?:)あなたがまだたくさんの質問がありますな~。 ここで答えます。 出発/待ち合わせ 8:30に梅田の阪急駅(2階)で待ち合わせです。 帰り 日曜日に神戸で20:45に着きます。 参加費は 二つのオプションがあります。 1.ネットのチケットのシステムで払える(コンビニ と クレジットカード) https://private-beach-2019.peatix.com 2.私に直接で払える。 宿泊 ・カーペットか畳の上に寝ます ・シャワー(おゆ)あります。 ・電気(携帯じゅうでんできる)と冷蔵庫もあります。 PARTICIPANT`S LIST OF THINGS TO BRING 持ち物リスト PERSONAL(個人) __Shower shoes/flip flops  ビーチサンダル __Towels/washcloth     タオル大 小 __Soap in plastic case/shampoo  石鹸シャンプーリンス類 __Tooth brush/tooth paste   歯ブラシ・歯磨き粉 __Feminine products      生理用品 __Personal medications – take extra  常用している薬など BEDDING(睡眠) __Sleeping bag  寝袋 CLOTHING(衣服) __Shoes/boots   歩きやすい靴 __Jeans/pants   長ズボン __Shorts      着替え __Socks/extra socks  靴下 __Hat        帽子 _Sweatshirt/jacket ジャケット(夜涼しい時があります) __Sleep clothes   寝間着 __Rain gear     雨ガッパ __Swim suit/towel  水着・タオル MICELLANEOUS (雑貨) __Own extra snacks           お子様が食べたいおやつ __Own sports equipment         好きなスポーツ用具 __Sunscreen               日焼け止め __ Sunglasses              サングラス