Intermediate and Advanced Games - Please read the description!


Dom's Coffee House - Bristol
23 - 25 St. Augustines Parade, Bristol, BS1 4UL

Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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== The Small Print - ****not suitable for first timers**** == This session isn't for new players/members. If you've been to one of our events before, are happy that you understand the basics of our version of the game (1-moon) sheet, and are ready for something harder, you're good to check this one out! Please note, if you are a first timer who RSVP's to this event, we'll move you to "Not Attending" and respectfully ask you to check out a "Beginner" or "All Welcome" event. We generally do a couple of these per month, where we give a full introduction to the game and group you with fellow newer players to ease you in. == Games start 4:15!! == With no introductions to do this time, and the place to ourselves from 4pm onwards, we'll be starting setting up games earlier at 4:15pm. As usual if you're running late, drop us a line and we can try and save you a spot. == Supporting the Venue == Anyone who has been before will know that we strongly appreciate it if you buy a few drinks/bites throughout our events, so as usual please bring some funds with which to support the venue. == Mods wanted == As usual, the organisers would like a chance to play - If you've been to a few events and feel comfortable modding amongst friends (we can even supply a shadow mod in case you get unsure of anything) let us know. Generally we say any game you like, and can point you in the direction of something Intermediate/Advanced that's easier to mod. == Cancelling if you can't make it == Hopefully I don't need to say this to regulars, but if you find you can't attend any more please remember to cancel your spot at the earliest opportunity. It gives us a better idea of numbers and in the event we have a waitlist, gives people a good amount of notice to join in! == Post Game Drinks == Another reason to keep reading - The organisers have noticed that after an event, people generally want to hang around and have a further discussion about the games. We're going to suggest a quick (~30 minutes) drink at the Drawbridge after the event if people want to hang out and talk about the event/games after it finishes. Nothing too long, just a chance to socialise and compare notes. == Pizza?? == If you're not heard, we've got a mid-year meal coming up. Everyone likes pizza right? Check out the event, booked in for July 16th (Deposit of £10 required prior to July 1st). == Bonus points: Event Codeword == Wow! Generally people don't make it this far. For bonus points at the event, drop the "carrots" into the conversation throughout the event. It'll allow Martin to get a rough idea of who has read this far, and mildly confuse anyone who didn't both reading the whole description :D