Intermediate/Advanced Sand Volleyball

Misty Nickels @mistynickels

Central Park Roseville - Roseville, MN
2450 Lexington

Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

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This event is more for those that have volleyball experience and are familiar with the rules and regulations. Please make sure you know how to bump, set, spike..3 hits! I WILL be asking ppl to go to our Friday night event if we see/feel you are not at the proper level. In order to improve skill and overall play on Sunday there are a few changes. We will primarily be playing 4's with the possibility of 3's or 5's (NO 6's). There will be a high emphasis on 3 hits/side, no carrying, no reach overs (Clarification on reach overs ... the ball has to be touching the plane of the net for you to touch the ball you can't jump and touch a ball on the other teams side). As the summer goes on the rules will be more enforced. The idea is not only to have fun but also increase your level of play. The idea of Sunday play was to have a more competitive atmosphere while still having fun. If you aren't competitive I recommend Tuesdays in Maple Grove, Wednesdays at Spooner Park, or Fridays here at Central Park.