iWakening Self-love Free Talk & Heart Opening Training

Samaya Behrens @samayabehrens

Qigongsenteret - Oslo
Rosenborggaten 9a

Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Samaya Behrens is back from Bali for the summer and you can now get the chance to experience some of her magical, transformational tools from her iWakening Spiritual Gym! Get ready to learn how to MASTER your life this summer through Samaya's 5 Life-Mastery Strategies! Is this for you!? Are you curious? If YES then.... Sign up for the #4 Free Self-Love Talk and LEARN ABOUT the 5 Life-Mastery Strategies. After the FREE TALK you can join a 2,5 hour WORKSHOP to really get to feel what Samaya talks about in the FREE TALK. You will get to experience some of the 5 Life-Mastery Strategies as well as some of the iWakening Training - Heart Opening Tools! Description: #4 Free Self-Love Talk LEARN ABOUT 5 Life-Mastery Strategies Samaya will share some of her strategies towards Self Mastery. Through several years of Samaya ́s extreme spiritual journey she embodied the knowledge of what it actually takes to transform into higher consciousness and put your life to another level of living. Through her journey she discovered that working with your consciousness on all levels as well as tapping into the power of the heart is the fastest way to live your truth and start a real co-creation with your destiny! You will discover why the results you are looking for, doesn’t necessarily ONLY come from mindset work but rather in transforming holistically on each level: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Workshop LEARN ABOUT & EXPERIENCE 5 Life-Mastery Strategies. Join the #4 Self-Love Talk and iWakening Heart Opening Training. (you need to join the free talk to attend the workshop) It is a basic Introduction workshop from Samaya ́s transformative “Spiritual Gym”, where you break through what is holding you back in life, awaken, heal, and align with your fullest potential and highest purpose. You will learn how to build strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘muscles’ necessary to successfully manifest flow of health, wealth, healthy relationships and abundance on every level of your life. During the iWakening Training Session we will dive deeper than on the talk. You will get hands on tools containing deep releasing exercises, heart opening exercises and energy boosting tools, that can really bring change to your life. You will get some insights on how the consciousness operates and how to break through the ego ́s limiting beliefs and how to use that journey as a guiding map towards your true essence, you as oneness! Get ready to: -Release blockages and stress that are stored in your body's memory and holding you back in life -Connect to your HEART like never before and learn how to use it for heart-based manifestations -Sharpen your focus and start to make better decisions in your life to step up to your fullest potential Become one of Samaya’s Life-Mastery Students! You are welcome to join us on this amazing journey to become the best version of yourself! WHEN? 3d of July 2019 Free Self-Love Talk 17:00-18.15 (no fee, but you have to register) Free Self-Love Talk & iWakening Training Heart Opening Session - 17.00-21.00 (fee: 550 NOK - you have to register. If you bring a friend there will be 100 NOK discount in the price for both of you) HOW TO BOOK THE SPOT? Go to http://bit.ly/LifeMasteryOslo and choose if you want to join only the Free Talk or both the Talk and the Workshop! If you already are Samaya´s Client or have ever participated in iWakening Events or Retreats, MESSAGE US TO GET iWakening STUDENT DISCOUNT. Location: Qigongsenteret Grønlandsleiret 14, 0190 Oslo https://goo.gl/maps/R6mtLKGkXmacLyLd9 See you there, With Love, iWakening Team on Behalf of Samaya PS: For all of you that have been interested in joining iWakening Heart Healing Retreats and iWakening Spiritual Boot Camps in Bali, this will give you a great insight into what a longer training can do to you to change your life! PS: We have as well 3-day Spiritual Bootcamp in Oslo coming up in July! Stay tuned!