How to resolve conflict between your "small self" and your "Spirit-Self"


Ann and Mark's home - Framingham, MA
276 Edmands Rd.

Tue, May 21, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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Ever feel torn between a higher Spiritual truth you believe in (or at least want to believe in) and your smaller, analytical, "realistic", fearful self? Like wanting to believe that financial abundance is possible for you and that your desires are "done", but feeling some next step or decision wouldn't be "realistic". Like staying in a job or relationship that doesn't feel good as opposed to what you really want? We believe there's a spiritual solution to every problem; and that feelings of emotional conflict are also emotional guidance. Want to join us as we play with a process to find a win-win to take care of the concerns of your "smaller-self's" perspective AND the greater Spirit part of you that wants ALL that you desire? There really is no "devil" part of you trying to sabotage you, even tho' it may feel that way. We'll explain this more, and open up new possibilities with our resolving inner conflict process! End time is always approximate, as we often run over-time, and we welcome some extra "hang out and chat" time before leaving. Please bring at least a $5-$10 contribution so we can cover our meetup fees, and other organizer expenses. Lastly, please folks, let us know in a timely manner if your plans change. We plan, set up and prepare for you. (And, it's just inconsiderate, and not very "conscious" to do a "no show". Right?) IMPORTANT NOTES: We have a cat, in case that matters. Please no fragrances, as some people are sensitive. Our mailbox has a colorful metal sun above it, and IDE on it, to help you find us. PARKING: There is no street parking on Edmands Rd, as it is a narrow, rural, historic street. We live down a very long driveway, so early arrivers can park there on spots off to the side as you drive up, and around the circle in front of our house. Please park as efficiently as possible. We're 3-4 parking spaces short right now; so you might want to just park ON THE ODD NUMBERED SIDE of GARVEY RD, the side street just a few houses down from us. It will only be a few minutes walk. We're looking forward to our time together and more stimulating, inspiring, satisfying, consciousness raising conversations! Warm hearts, Ann and Mark