How to Hire and Manage Remote Teams

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Online - Mexico
Mexico City

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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This event is brought to you thanks to our partnership with WeWork - coworking offices designed for effective work. Check out their amazing offer with up to 15% discount here: http://wework.startupblink.com/ - - - Hiring is a big step in the life of every business, and hiring remotely is an opportunity to do so in a cost-effective way, using a wide pool of talent. This trend is only about to get stronger, and mastering it is a vital skill for every business owner. Are you looking for the best ways to hire and manage remote teams? This webinar is for you! *** Please register using this link, spaces are limited: http://webinar.startupblink.com/ *** This lecture is based on the experiences of Eli David, the co-founder of StartupBlink, a global map and research center of startup ecosystems, supported by 90 meetup communities around the world, featured in dozens of articles including Forbes and Business Insider. Eli is a digital nomad since 2010 who has lived/traveled in more than 60 countries and is constantly changing locations every few months. Read more on this lifestyle in Eli’s Blog&Podcast- BecomeNomad (http://www.becomenomad.com/), and in this CNN article (http://money.cnn.com/interactive/technology/15-questions-with-eli-david/index.html). - - - What you'll learn in this great lecture: - The best techniques to hire and manage freelancers from around the world to help you grow your business. - A discussion about trends in hiring platforms, and how to manage them wisely (e.g. Upwork). - Eli’s lifestyle of constant travel pushed him to specialize in working with online teams, and he will share his experience and insights about managing a remote workspace. - There will also be plenty of time for Q&A's, so get your questions ready! *** Please register using this link, spaces are limited: http://webinar.startupblink.com/ *** - - - Did you know that StartupBlink just published startup city rankings featuring 1000 best startup cities? The report gained a global media coverage and was mentioned by top government officials (e.g. Israel's Prime Minister). Your startup's success largely depends on your location, so check how your city is ranked here: https://startupservices.startupblink.com/ecosystem-report/ - - - Looking for a cowoking space, to make remote work more efficient? Our partners at WeWork are offering up to 15% discount in over 600 coworking spaces around the world, exclusive to StartupBlink members. This discount will expire soon, so you should hurry up! Not sure about it? Start by scheduling a free tour to explore one of WeWork offices designed for effective work. http://wework.startupblink.com/