HIKE/Cowles/Pyles Peak from Big Rock - 9AM-2PM- 2nd/3rd of Five-Peak Challenge


8125 Arlette St - Santee, CA
8125 Arlette St

Thu, May 2, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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PYLES PEAK is the 2nd Peak of our Mission Trails Five-Peak Challenge and it is a 2 Peak Hike (Cowles Mountain & Pyles Peak) TODAY WE WILL START FROM BIG ROCK... Distance: 6.5+ miles Duration: 5 hours Elevation gain: 1,700 feet Terrain: uneven, rocky Always carry your Cell Phone with a ICE (in case of emergency). What should you bring: Good hiking shoes, socks (a change of socks is always recommended), hiking stick (if you have one, it helps during sharp uphills/downhills), PLENTY OF WATER, snacks, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen. Medication. Note: NOT recommended if you have knee or hip issues. You can reach me at 858 334 8019 if you have questions. Text preferred. DISCLAIMER: All leaders and organizers of this group are not professional guides and do this solely for their own enjoyment. By being a member of this group and choosing to attend this hike, you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, organizers, or representatives liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. By choosing to attend, you agree with the preceding disclaimer. • All attendees participate at an event at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests. • By signing up for and/or attending this Meetup event, you affirm that you understand this disclaimer, and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this Meetup event against the organizers of this Meetup group.